Status TAG is a Geotagging Social Media Platform that will unleash every user's untapped social media sector like never before!

We have Status TAG as a dynamic social media application that thrives with revolutionary tagging technology.

Our platform believes in the power of socializing- the potential to connect with like-minded people. Therefore, we entitle our users with awe-inspiring features that will make their time at Status TAG worth it.

At Status TAG, users will get to make real geo-taggings that will bestow them with perks like tagging memories, location live crowd, nearby places, and Status TAG Wire, an open market space loaded with verified hangout zones and co-working spaces available in that specific area.

Status TAG
Status TAG

Elevate your social experience with Status TAG's revolutionary geotagging feature. Unlike other platforms, Users connect authentically by tagging their locations with each post and physically checking into Hangout Zones for Live Crowd. Uncover a world of benefits as your posts link seamlessly to schools, workplaces, and travel spots, with precise coordinates automatically captured. Explore nearby places, connect with individuals around you, and enjoy the added advantage for Status TAG Wire's business partners in maintaining accurate location data. Join us in reshaping social geotagging for genuine real time connections and enhanced digital presence.


Tag and share your memories with accurate location coordinates.


Connect directly with people next to you, in real time!

Status TAG revolutionizes real-time connections with its Live Crowd feature, fostering swift interactions among valued Users. This vibrant social platform prioritizes streamlined connections, allowing users to access a hangout zone's Live Crowd upon signing up, with interaction unlocked through check-ins. By tagging a location, profiles are automatically shared with nearby users, facilitating photo sharing and engagement. The Live Crowd remains active for 3 hours after check-in, transitioning to General Message mode thereafter. Harnessing unique geo-location technology, Status TAG enhances real-time communication benefits. Connecting with establishments like clubs or restaurants links users with their checked-in Live Crowd.

Empower your decisions with Status TAG's unique feature, offering a comprehensive insight into nearby places through geolocation data. With a robust pre-registered database encompassing schools, workplaces, clubs, restaurants, and more, this app provides verified and detailed information for informed choices. Upon signup, users' locations are automatically detected, delivering crucial details about nearby spots, allowing virtual exploration and informed planning. Amid Covid-19, places are color-coded to denote crowd density, adding an extra layer of safety. Whether for leisure or necessity, Users can confidently explore their surroundings, making Status TAG an indispensable tool for seamless and informed social engagement.


Review the nearby locations and check all the related information.


A sneak peek & more to the nearby hangout zones & co-working spaces.

Discover the abundant offerings of Status TAG Wire, the meticulously organized virtual marketplace tailored for Users. Hosting a range of verified businesses like clubs, restaurants, cafes, and co-working spaces, with plans for further expansion, this common marketplace adapts to each user's location. As it gradually spans across the entire country, it presents businesses exclusively based on their onboarding status. Enjoy the privilege of assessing business profiles, menus, tables, footfall, following, tagged posts, ambiance, live crowd, and more, aiding informed hangout decisions. Seamlessly interact with live crowd within listed hangout zones, unlocking dynamic social experiences.