Status TAG is a tagging and networking platform that is more than just a social media app! It beholds several perks that every user can get only by making a TAG. The application is a completely conceptualize form of Geotagging that has the charm of exploring the untapped social media sector!

The users of Status TAG can enjoy a diverse era of benefits like accurate location tagging, follow-following, live crowd chat, review and book hangout zones of Status TAG Wire, crowd density at the location, find nearby places, networking with nearby people, and many more. For example, just making a TAG in a location while uploading an image will easily increase the follower base from the same location. As a revolutionary geotagging platform, Status TAG is leveraging this unique concept to benefit normal users effectively.

Status TAG Wire is a common marketplace which is only enlisting verified and organized business. This section is gradually onboarding organized clubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, lounges, and co-working spaces in its initial phase. Users can check the wire section to find out the nearby hangout zone's profile; these profiles will show several details like virtual ambience, menu, table management, ratings, reviews, social media handles, followers, footfall, running offers, and tagged photos. This section leads to most of the advanced features of Status TAG like hangout zones, live crowd, review, and analysis, tag and earn, co-working space, check-ins, and many more. The Wire section of Status TAG is open up to diverse business types, and the onboarding of organized businesses would make it more worthwhile in the future.

Everybody who adores the way digitalization is easing the lifestyle can use Status TAG. This social media platform is a hub of technically advanced features with the core concept of geotagging. It eases the difficulties like finding a good place to hang out, strengthening impactful networkings, increasing follower base, analyzing and reviewing places, meeting like-minded people, accurate location tagging, restrictions of image sizes, making a real conversation, booking and placing orders at hangout zones, and many more!

People who are more into seizing the real moments for a lifetime while creating new moments can be our TAG Mates. Suppose anyone is more fund of their influencer self. In that case, this platform will give you extraordinary chances to easily create a huge follower base by tagging locations while uploading quality images because Status TAG's unique geo-location tagging feature would make those photos visible to everyone in the same location if the profile is public. It is not mandatory to follow or promote the profile to get followers like other platforms.

Individuals who like meeting like-minded people in the real world and enhance good networking skills are the most users for Status TAG! Also, if one is a huge fan of hanging out in a quality ambience, then this app is surely the absolute solution.

Status TAG is both a B2C and B2B business type, a globally registered organization enhancing its valuation on the concept of accurate geotagging! The increasing userbase of Status TAG is readily available to consume every service/product onboarded on Status TAG Wire. Apart from that, the users TAGGING the landmarks while hanging out in the nearby hangout zones will also provide free marketing for the business owners.

Thus, entrepreneurs who want their businesses to be marketed in every way possible and genuinely like to directly connect with the target audience should be interested in Status TAG. Every business being onboarded to the Wire section would freely market itself among a huge userbase that will provide them free marketing and increasing footfall/demands. We have a hustle-free onboarding system that would also provide advanced tools for the marketing on Status TAG Wire; these tools will have several result-driven and strategically proven features to surefire your impactful approach towards the public.

Yes, Status TAG is available for both Android and iOS devices. To login into the app, one can use Gmail, Facebook, or a mobile number. As of now, users can download the application on Smartphones, Android TABs, and iPads. One user can be logged in to different devices with the same number/id simultaneously; all the data will automatically sync.

Yes, Status TAG is taking care of the privacy of its users by providing privacy features. Apart from that, it also maintains the user's safety by locking the screenshots, screen recording, and mirroring.

If you feel any unethical or provoking post on the application, you can always report the image from the app itself; the rest will be immediately taken care of by us. Also, if you find any fake id pretending to be you, please inform us at to take strict action on it.

You can sign up by phone number, Gmail, or Facebook id. Once you signup, you need to feel the basic information and complete the profile. All the private information (not mandatory to fill) is only taken for official purposes and won't be public!

The search button of the app can be used to search any particular user, location, or landmark. If you search any location, your news feed will be full of the profiles, nearby people, and nearby places of that particular location.

Status TAG is having its notification bell icon on the top where users can get notifications like:

  • Exclusive offers and coupons from push notifications sent by the enlisted businesses of Status TAG Wire in the 'Marketplace' section.
  • Follow and unfollow alerts from users.
  • New likes and comments from the users on your posts.
  • Rewards are given by the owners of enlisted businesses under the TAG and Earn feature.
  • Any other general pieces of information about the app.

Whenever you see any new user on your feed, you can click on the three dots to find the following option. You can also manually search the user to follow if not available in your location. To unfollow any user, you need to find the profile and click on the 'Follow' button again to unfollow!

To report any unethical or illegal post, you can click on the three dots present in the right upper corner of the post. Next, click on the report option from the drop-down list.

Once you open the application, it will automatically detect your location, and then your news feed will be flooded with public accounts of users available in that particular location. You will also find the feature of 'People You May Know' in your news feed; it will have all the users of that location. Opening any profile will show their username, profile picture, followers, following, check-in history, and gallery.

'Places Near By You' would show you every visiting place near your accurate location. Each place will have there own profile where you can check the entire address of that place, a location icon redirecting to the place on the map, followers, footfall, gallery, and follow button.

On the home page of your application, the footer has a 'Wire' section. Click on it to find every hangout zones like cafes, bars, restaurants, clubs, and co-working spaces near your location with their respective business profile.

These listed profiles of Status TAG Wire-the common marketplace will further show you information like:

  • Brand Name
  • Username
  • Cuisine
  • Follow
  • Reviews
  • Social Media Handles
  • Live Crowd
  • Followers
  • Footfall
  • Menu
  • Tables
  • Offers
  • Rate It
  • Gallery

Note- One has to check-in to a cafe through the Status TAG to chat with the live crowd!

The app's footer has a 'Camera' Icon; click on it to upload any image from the gallery or directly update captured image. Status TAG doesn't bound any size of the image to provide the users with a better experience. After selecting the image, you can select the privacy, tag the location picture, and update a caption before clicking on the arrow button to make a TAG!

You can use the check-in icon to view the live crowd of co-working spaces or hangout zone. You can also click on 'View History' to see all the recent places you have been via Status TAG.

Status TAG is providing you with the live crowd of both co-working spaces and hangout zones. One must check in to the particular landmark to check-in and start chatting with them.

No, Live Crowd Chat cannot be deleted, if the user has kept their 'Check-In' public, then you can check their profile and send them a direct message. If it is private, then you cannot send them messages.

Click on the 'Profile' Icon present in the footer of the application. You can then click on the 'Edit button to change any information. Also, you can add more information like school, high school, college, hometown, current city, and workplace.

For making any changes in the privacy of your account, click on the 'Settings' icon present on the right upper corner of your profile page. After that, click on 'Account Privacy' to find the suitable options like Timeline, Check-in, Profile Followers, Profile Following, Profile Hometown, Profile Current City, Profile Workplace, Profile College/Institute, Profile Highschool/School,Message, and Blocklist.

To make the required changes click on a specific option and select the privacy requirement before clicking on the 'Done button to save the changes.

The 'Hear From Us' feature of the application is given in its settings and is ON by default. This feature is kept on to send you push notifications like exclusive offers or coupons running in the marketplace. If it is turned off, you will not receive any notifications in the marketplace and reward section.

You can click on the 'Settings' icon present in the right upper corner of the profile page. There you will find an option, 'Anyone Can Follow Me'; turning it ON will make your profile 'PUBLIC', and turning it off will make it a 'PRIVATE' account. However, you must change the privacy of your Timeline, Photos, etc individually if you wish no one to check your pictures except your followers.

To invite a friend, you must visit the application settings and click on the option of 'Invite a friend. Then, you can send the application download link via WhatsApp, Gmail, SMS, Messenger, and many more media.

You can upload a minimum of one and a maximum of ten images at once on Status TAG. With our advanced technical approach, uploading ten images at a time will only take 30-40 seconds. We have kept the user's experience at priority with every big or small feature so that you get the best out of our social media platform.

If you wish to change your profile picture, you need to visit the profile page and click 'Edit'. After that, you can click on the 'Change Picture' to choose an image from your gallery. Once you are done, do not forget to click on the 'Correct' icon present at the top of the same page to save the changes.

If the profile of any user around your location shows private and you want to talk to them. Then you can just open the user's profile and click on the 'Follow' button to send the request. If the account is 'Public', you will automatically follow the user by clicking on the 'Follow' button.

No, you can only directly message any user if he/she has kept their message privacy as 'Everyone'. However if your message privacy is Everyone, and yet you don't wish to chat with particular user, you can always block him/her.

Just like every other feature, you can change the privacy of your message from the settings. In the settings, you must click on ‘Account Privacy’ and make the required changes.

You can have your Status TAG account verified, when we will provide the verified icon next to your profile name. This is our way of showing that you have an authentic profile of a public figure or entity who is adding value in the society. To be verified on Status TAG, you can check the Status TAG Help Center and request for verification.

If you wish to hide your profile from the Live Crowd when you are checking in to any Hangout Zone or Co-working space of Wire, then you can easily do it with few steps. Go to settings and click on account privacy, then change the privacy of 'Check-In' from everyone to followers or none.

When you upload any picture on status tag it automatically get uploaded on your profile along with the tagged location gallery. The picture is uploaded to both the galleries with the same privacy settings. For example if your image is uploaded with the privacy as 'Followers' then only your followers can see the picture on both your profile and the location gallery. However when you delete a picture from your profile then it is not automatically deleted from the location gallery. In case you wish to delete it from the location gallery you can visit the Status TAG Help Center and request to delete the photo by filling the form. Post that, your picture will be deleted from the location gallery within 48 hours.

Wire is currently accepting businesses with Hangout zone outlets however it plans on opening this organised Marketplace for several other Business models. If you wish to be on Wire, then you can simply enlist your business with Fyre Search, and use the application to display your brand on Wire.

Users can increase their following on Status TAG or grow engagement on their post by sharing their tagged photos to friends and family on different platform. To share the profile or picture one can easily click on the picture and then click on share to select the platform where they wish to send the profile.

Brands can share their business profile of Wire Marketplace simply by sharing any tag photo of their PR gallery on any chosen platform. Once they share the tagged photo, people can download Status TAG and follow their business profile on Wire to stay updated with the future events.

During the worldwide pandemic, we started maintaining some precautions that was needed for the safety of our loved ones. Status TAG deeply cares for it's precious users and their safety is its priority. The green and red bar shown along with any searched location will show you quantity of people present in the location. If it is green then the location is having lite crowd and you can definitely visit the place. However if it is red then we suggest you to keep up with the precautions as the location is having heavy crowd.

We will always encourage you to deactivate your Status TAG account, whenever you wish to take a break from this social platform. In case you are certain to delete your account from Status TAG permanently then first you have to update your Gmail address in your profile as when you proceed to delete your account we will send a verification mail to your given Gmail account. Once you have updated the account details please click here and fill the account deletion form. All your data will be immediately disabled from the platform but permanently deleted from the server within 7 working days.

It is easy to deactivate or reactivate your account on Status TAG. Start by updating your Gmail address on Status TAG profile. Then you can click here and fill the account deactivation or reactivation form. Once you fill the form we will send a verification mail to your given Gmail address which you need to accept to ensure us that the action is taken by you. Following your acceptance we will immediately process your request.

Yes, anything and everything share on our platform is completely secure and safe. We keep the privacy and security of the users as our priority and full fill every required steps to ensure the safety. Not only the shared profile information, or any other user data but also the messages on the application are encrypted. Including these features, users are also given complete authority to take action against any such activities which day feel incorrect or illegal. The support team is always happy to help the users regarding any such unhealthy activities immediately.