Status TAG envisions a world where every moment is captured and cherished. We provide a unique platform for tagging experiences in a lively location gallery. Our commitment is to preserve these moments for life, ensuring user privacy. Join us in turning ordinary moments into everlasting memories. Status TAG: Click. TAG. Seize.


At Status TAG, our mission is to revolutionize the way individuals capture, tag, and cherish their life moments. Through our dynamic platform, we empower users to seamlessly tag their experiences in a lively location gallery. Our unwavering commitment to privacy ensures that each moment is not only captured but also safeguarded for a lifetime. We strive to create a secure and vibrant space where ordinary moments are transformed into everlasting memories through the art of tagging. Status TAG: Redefining Privacy, Transforming Moments. Your stories, our dedicated mission.

Many among you love to spend time with your beloved one or with your friends at a quiet stroll. Or you want to hit the floors at a crowded hub with the like-minded people, enjoying the glimmer and fun at a center. These are a few enjoyable activities which one loves doing and want to capture the moment to cherish them again. We, at Status TAG, value your desire & demand, & we want to deliver you an unmatching platform of TAGGING. While keeping one Geo -TAG for one location, we hold no confusion, and you can maintain an uncommon closet of all your TAGGED memories in your exclusive directory.

While bringing you the most efficient TAGGING platform, we equally prioritize a few crucial aspects:

We ensure to maintain a quality-based App so that further we can extend the attributes to add meaningful aspects in users’ lives.