Human Beings and the Connections between them are the most memorable part that people achieve here in Status TAG. These moments are seized for lifetime on our platform and so is the beautiful journey of creating these wonderful connections. For us a connection is the energy that exists between two people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgement and when they derive sustenance and strength from these bondings via this social media.

Creating these bonds are highly precious thus we would love to scrutinize the process by securing it. By securing we meant to deliver every aspect of safety and privacy through these Status TAG Community Guidelines to our Status TAG Users who are creating new connections everyday via us. These guidelines are applicable to you as soon as you activate your account on Status TAG, and it is also your responsibility to adhere to these guidelines while inspiring other users to avoid violating them.

Status TAG Community is built with respectable users who are kind and generous towards each other which decreases the chances of any unfortunate incident on the platform. However, sometimes things can be unpredictable and we are absolutely aware of any possible steps to be taken as soon as the issue is reported. Reports on people violating these guidelines are immediately entertained by our support team, all we request is to take a step forward and report any activity on the platform that is not community approved.

Please note, by having a Status TAG Account you agree to these guidelines and terms of use, not following any of the following guidelines will result in serious actions like Account Delete, Photo Delete, etc. Some of the content violating these guidelines might continue to exist on the platform after being evaluate by our responsible moderators that these content are best for human interest. In case you notice any violation of these guidelines you can report it to us at Without wasting any further time let’s hop onto the specific guidelines you must stick to while using this social media platform.

Be an unfiltered version of You. Be the Real You

Status TAG is here to create real connections between real people and thats only possible when you depict your real self on the platform. The name, profile picture, other information, and content on your Status TAG Account must belong to you and should be authentic. Impersonating any entity or individual is strictly prohibited on our platform unless you have earned the rights by the respective individual or entity. It must also be noted that creating fake accounts on Status TAG would violate these guidelines.

Only post appropriate content suitable for Status TAG Community

Users are responsible towards creating and posting content on Status TAG and it is their individual approach on the level of creativity they want to explore while making such content. However, on Status TAG we do not appreciate nudity or illegal content that might hamper the mindset, emotions or safety of the users. Any such content showing nudity or illegal activities would be removed by the platform keeping the best of the users in the mind. Any nude or partially nude content reported by users or our Status TAG team will be immediately deleted and on continuous violation of this guideline will suspend the respective account permanently.

Moreover, content that shows child endangerment, graphic violence, harmful misinformation, illegal activities, sale of inappropriate goods or services, provocating suicide or self harm, terrorism, or intellectual property violation will not be entertained on the platform.

Irrelevant Behaviour on Status TAG

Freedom of expression is a huge opportunity for the Users at Status TAG if used properly within the community guidelines. However, people tend to violate such freedom by misbehaving with each other. On that note, users at Status TAG must not involve themselves in any such activity that can hurt or harass other users of this platform. Any speech or content which is hateful or discriminatory against race, religion, national, origin, caste, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, etc will be banned from the platform. Users can not threaten other users or encourage any such activity that can be harmful for individuals or entities. Trolling people on Status TAG will lead to immediate actions on the respective accounts as behaving in this way will definitely hamper the experience of other users and such activity is not appreciated on Status TAG.

Commit Yourself to Genuine Interactions

Status TAG is a trustworthy social media platform that does not encourage any fake engagement from the users. It is thus requested to adhere the guideline of avoiding generation of fake likes, comments, followers, accounts, shares, messages, reviews, feedbacks, etc for both personal and commercial purposes. Any such repeated activities would encourage us to automatically suspend the particular account. Also users posting such content to encourage fake interaction on the platform will be prohibited from Status TAG permanently.

Be Kind While Posting Anything on Status TAG

Using Status TAG to bring your voice out there is the right way of expanding and sharing valuable knowledge. However we would still appreciate your efforts more relevantly if it is also shared keeping the wellbeing of diverse Status TAG Users. Any such content that manipulates or affects the public interest will be reviewed by moderators for keeping Status TAG Safe and Comfortable for every user.