What’s a TAG

TAG is a string connecting to another external entity. TAGGING enables us to find additional information about Marked / TAGGED content. It is trending in almost all the social networking sites, and depending on the publishing channel and context, TAGGING differs.

Status TAG is a unique platform where you have the freedom to TAG all your created memories, in a very private and protected manner. Unlike other networking sites, where very often we deal with nefarious comments and malicious intent, Status TAG ground is to maintain the solitude of the user.


Status TAG and TAGGING Trend

TAGGING is a trend. People freely connect to their closed ones in many possible ways. Geo TAGGING enables us to TAG anyone sitting in any part of the world, and we see no boundary. Apart from people, we TAG our favorite pages, places, food, culture, industry, and the list goes on. This TAGGING platform has open an enormous possibility of global business aspects and minimizes the cultural boundaries. In this whole picture, the one thing that we miss most of the time is our privacy and safety.

This is where you can count upon Status TAG. Our USP is to give a secure and exclusive platform to our users where they have the control of their TAGS, and they securely can decide with whom they want to publish their private data. Each TAG the user creates for any picture, the picture will get saved automatically in the gallery, and one copy of the photograph will get allocated to the TAGGED place gallery. We have created this feature to help you connect with like-minded people around you. You are still free to choose your preferences for your privacy.