This Privacy Policy was last changed on 31/03/22.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you how Status TAG uses your personal data. We recommend that you read it carefully. You can also find an overview of data collection and the reason for data collection in this link.

1. Definitions

  • Status TAG - Status TAG application is a tagging and networking platform available for both iOS and Android users.
  • Account- It is the users personal space in the Application which he and she can access after signing up via Facebook, Google, or Mobile OTP. A user may have only one account.
  • Wire- The wire section is a virtual marketplace showing enlisted hangout zones and coworking spaces for users. It automatically updates according to the geolocation of the user.
  • Timeline- Users can see the tagged photos of other users they follow here. The option of like, comment, share, report, unfollow is available on post. Timeline will also show people you may know and places nearby you. It will also show the tagged photos of users present in your geolocation if they have allowed it in the privacy settings.
  • People you may know- It is the list of users near your updated geolocation.
  • Places nearby you- It is the list of places nearby your updated geolocation.
  • Click- It is the option to upload your photo by choosing a source like a camera or gallery.
  • Check-In- Here, you can check in into a new location or Hangout zone. You can also check your checkin history through this feature.
  • Profile- It is the space where you can update your profile picture and other basic information on your Status TAG handle. It will also reflect your tagged photos along with upload time, location, and likes. This section will also reflect profile check-in history along with settings and logout options.
  • Message- It is a feature of Status TAG which allows one-to-one conversation between users. We are providing specific privacy settings for the message feature to ensure complete comfort and safety of the users.
  • Notification- You can find all types of notifications like a marketplace, follow, unfollow, likes, comments, follow request, rewards, and general here.
  • Geolocation- The Application always takes your geolocation to provide updated data of Wire, people you may know, and places nearby you.
  • Geo-tagging- You must use the mandatory Geotagging feature to tag the platforms real location or hangout zone photos. Tagging a location/hangout zone would give you more visibility from your followers and other users who are not following you if your account is public. Status TAG provides accurate coordinates for tagging, which is also providing a good business marketing perspective.
  • Account Privacy- You can choose the privacy settings of each detail of your profile individually from this section.
  • Invite a friend- You can share the Application with friends through this feature and invite them to enjoy the dynamic social media platform.
  • Hangout Zone- These are the enlisted businesses in the wire section. Hangout zones can be cafes, pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants, lounges, etc. All these and listed businesses have the proper information in their Status TAG business profile so that you can analyze them before choosing any. The Hangout zone profile of the business outlet will show its photo gallery, menu, offer, review, follow, footfall, etc.
  • Coworking Space- These are the coworking spaces in the form of office buildings or hangout zones that offer the coworking culture.
  • Live Crowd- Some of the hangout zones offer this special feature of the live crowd where you can check other users profiles before checking in to its premises.
  • Live Crowd Chat- You can use this feature to chat with any other user present in the same Hangout zone after checking in to the property. Live crowd chat also has its privacy settings where users will get chat requests if someone is interested in interacting with them. It is only active for 3 hours after which your chat will be moved to the normal message section.
  • Location Profile- You can check the location profiles, where you would also find all the tag photos in other users locations. It will also provide you with the complete address of the location with the map direction to the location. You can only see the tagged photos of that location if you are following the location.

2. Data Controller

Your Data is collected by Status TAG, Inc, which is a registered internet company. Status TAG is completely protecting and respecting the privacy of your data with strict policies. These policies include the Status TAG privacy policy along with cookies policy and terms and conditions.

The purpose of all these documents mentioned above of policies is to inform you how we process the personal Data you share with us and collect while you use the Application and its services. So reading it carefully will inform you how we use your data and what are your special rights.

This Privacy Policy applies to all Services published by and in the Status TAG application that you use (with the exception of services supplied and operated by third parties, in which case, their policy will apply).

3. Information we collect

Status TAG will use and process your Data when you are using the Status TAG application or communicating with Status TAG. The information collected could be those which you share with us or which we collect automatically.

Mandatory Data

  • Personal Identity Data
  • Sign Up Data
  • In-App Activity Data
  • Technical Data of Device.

Crucial Data for special purpose

  • Geolocation
  • Location/ Enlisted Business Tagging Data
  • Check-In Date
  • In-app messages
  • Data related to Status TAG customer service.

Optional Data

  • Professional and educational data.
  • Hometown and native place data.
  • Bio
  • Gender, Relationship Status, Birthdate Data.

3.1 Data you share directly

When you use the Application, you share information with us. Some of this information will be used to identify you, and others are for different purposes. When you use the Application, some of the Data is directly visible to other users. These are the ones you choose to be public in the Application, and they will be displayed to you as public under the data. However, the information which is marked as private by you is not accessible or viewed by other users who dont follow you.

3.1.1 Registration Data

Your sign-up information in Status TAG

This is the basic information you provide for signing up and accessing the Application. This Data is collected by Status TAG and may differ from user to user according to sign-up choice.

If you sign-up via Facebook or Google account, your data will be collected from the relevant platform for reducing formalism. When you sign-up by choosing Login with Facebook/Google, then you agree to both platforms to provide us with its data.

Meanwhile, if you use mobile number OTP data to log in, then your data will be sent to Status TAG directly by you. This Data is considered as your identity data.

After sign-up via any process, some data must be collected for a better experience in Status TAG. These necessary data includes Profile Picture (Public), Name (Public), Username (Public), Bio (Optional), Email ID (Optional & Private), Phone Number (Optional & Private), Birthdate (Optional & Private), Gender & Relationship Status (Optional). It is important to use the same phone number or email address you used to sign-up at first.

Your bio is a free text area; Status TAG does not encourage users to share data that can be perceived as sensitive with other Users or with Status TAG through the Application. Sensitive data refers to Data that is legally qualified as sensitive by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). More specifically, it includes information on race or ethnicity, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or affiliation with a union, along with information on health, sexual life, or sexual preferences (Sensitive Data). If a user decides to share such information on their profile regardless, it is deemed to have been clearly made public by the user who shared it, according to the GDPR.

Optional information of your user profile

You may also add some additional information in your profile with individual privacy settings as per your choice. These data are optional, and sharing this on the platform is solely your responsibility. You can add the information directly inside your Status TAG profile. This Data is as follows:

  • Professional career
  • Educational background
  • Hometown
  • Native Place

You can change the privacy settings of all the above mentioned along with Timeline, Checkin, Profile Followers, Profile Following individually from the Account Privacy. You can also change the privacy of Anyone can follow me by disabling/enabling it in the settings section.

It is important to know by enabling Anyone can follow me, your account will be considered PUBLIC. Simply disabling it will only allow users to send you to follow requests. If you want your account to be private, then you must change it in the Account Privacy section individually.

3.1.2. Data related to customer care support of Status TAG:

When you contact our customer or support services, report an issue with our services, ask for help, exercise your personal data rights, or when you share your experience of our social platform, give reviews, Status TAG will collect, depending on the case, the following personal data:

  • Data relating to reports and requests sent to the Status TAG customer service (private): Date and time of the report, nature, and reason for the report, data relating to the reported user. Furthermore, proof of identity may be requested as part of the exercise of your rights over your personal data and for safety/confidentiality reasons.

Status TAG will collect this data when you ask for help from our customer service, exercise your rights over your personal data, and report a post or another user. Such information is required to handle reports or answer your requests. This information will also be handled if a report is made about you.

3.2 Data we collect automatically

When you use our Application and features, we collect information on your activities on the Application:

Activity data (private) (signup date, login dates, user interactions, and enlisted business accounts, notifications received, etc.)

When you access the Application and its features, information on the way you use them is collected and processed. Most of the information collected by Status TAG is necessary to the provision of its services. Without this data, Status TAG cannot supply better features experiences linked to the Status TAG application.

More specifically, this includes your signup date, login dates, the type and number of interactions with other users (such as Likes, comments, and shares), with the enlisted business accounts, and notifications received.

Geolocation Data

The Applications main aim is to provide a better experience of existing features to the users. Providing geolocation to the Application always or while using the app will assure better user experiences especially related to features like Timeline, People you may know, Places nearby you. Allowing Status TAG to use your geolocation will automatically refresh your app every time you open it to provide the latest data according to your current geolocation.

Your geographical position is collected with your consent only. In addition, you will always be asked to allow the collection and processing of your background location data to authorize Status TAG for providing feature related experiences. Allowing this geolocation will also show new user profiles and posts on your timeline who have agreed to be geolocated.

It is important to know, unless you strictly change location settings on your device, Status TAG will continue to take your geolocations regularly for a better user experience on the platform. Please remember users who have agreed to be geolocated will be displayed in your timeline along with user profiles and posts, but you can never get the exact locations of any user.

You will only see the posts of another random user in your timeline when they are in a radius defined by Status TAG. In addition, these random users will not be able to see your exact location.

You may, at any time, withdraw your consent by disabling geolocation on your smartphone. If you choose to do so, you will no longer be able to use any feature of your Application as it will not be able to update the timeline without its current location. During this period, when you have strictly disabled geolocation from your device, your profile will only be visible to your followers, but you will not be able to see anything or access any feature of the Application.

Messages between you and other users.

The messages between you and other users via our Live Crowd Chat and Message feature are in end to end form only! Your message data will not be interrupted by any third party or Status TAG until there is any criminal or legal interrogation.

Additional Information

Any data related to Live Crowd Chat and Message feature will be stored by Status TAG for lifetime. We shall not delete the data however one has nothing to worry regarding the protection of such data.

Location/ Enlisted Business TAGGING Data

It is mandatory to tag a location or enlisted business profile for uploading a photo in Status TAG. This tagging feature is mandated in the Application to provide a better user experience and business purpose to enlisted partners. Status TAG has verified business listing in its Wire section with accurate coordinates.

When you tag any photo in a location or enlisted business, Status TAG automatically collects the data. Please note any privacy on your tagged photos is only limited to your account. Other users following those location or business profiles will still see your post even when they are not following you.

Status TAG has kept tagging mandatory for creating individual locations and enlisted business photo galleries for a better user experience. This shall also provide you with high visibility chances to people following a location or business profile.

Please remember, when you tag any photo in the Application, it is saved in two individual galleries, one is your profile, and the other is the tagged location/hangout zone profile. If you wish to delete any of YOUR photos from the location/hangout zone gallery, then you can delete it from the location/hangout zone gallery from your OWN user account. After delete, your profile will only show the same post in your timeline and to your chosen audience.

Check-In Date

When you checkin to an enlisted business profile, you get to enjoy the explicit live crowd and live crowd chat feature. Although, both these features are premium features of Status TAG, which are available on exclusive hangout zones only.

In addition, we also keep your location checkin data along with business profile checkin data to provide a better experience and reduce formalism. Status TAG will automatically collect your location checkin data to reflect your checkin history(private) on the Application.

We also collect your hangout zone checkin data to show you the live crowd and enable the live crowd chat feature for you if available in that particular business outlet.

4. How do we use your data?

4.1. Supply of services and features according to our privacy policy

Creation and management of your Account as a User:

  • Creation of your profile.
  • Sign Up, deletion, deactivation of your User profile
  • Management of access to the features proposed by Status TAG.

Managing and storing interactions and messages exchanged between users (Comments, Shares, Likes, Reports, Follow, Following).

Managing to provide features like Timeline, Message People you may know, Places nearby you, Live Crowd, Live Crowd Chat, Wire.

Sending information messages relating to the features or your interactions with other users (notifications).

Legal basis: Execution of the contract

The data collected by Status TAG is required to make sure the Application is running smoothly and provide a better user experience and exclusive features.

4.2. Suggesting profiles and places in your location

Geolocation to suggest profiles of users in your location and places near your location. Allowing to be geolocated by making profile public will also show your profile to others in a particular radius defined by Status TAG.

Legal basis: Consent

When you have given your consent, you are free to withdraw at any time by disabling the geolocation option on your smartphone. Withdrawal of consent does not affect any processing carried out before the withdrawal.

Additional Information

The Application aims to provide you with a pleasurable experience along with our exclusive features that use your geolocation regularly. Collection of geolocation will also help us show your profile or suggest your profiles in the People you may know section near your geolocation or has mutual friends with you.

Along with this, geolocation collected from your profile will also show you the Places nearby you, which could be any necessary location. It is important to know we also use your geolocation regularly to update the Wire section that displays enlisted and verified Hangout Zone and Coworking Space.

You will also be shown posted photos of other users you dont follow but are agreed to be geolocated by keeping the profile PUBLIC.

Legal basis: Consent

Processing regular geolocation from you assists Status TAG to provide you a better experience in the Application, as mentioned clearly above.

4.3 Providing marketplace offers

You will also find exciting offers suggested by the unlisted business outlets of Wire in your notification section under Marketplace. These offers could be any discount or coupons from the enlisted Hangout Zones or Coworking Space nearby you. This processing is based on the legitimate interest of the verified enlisted business outlets and Status TAG only.

4.4 Improving and optimizing the features of Status TAG and our knowledge of the users and their manner of using the features.

This processing includes statistical studies, analysis of the use of the Application and features by users, understanding how our Application and its features are being used, understanding the requirement and needs of our users, and improving the Application and its features in the future.

4.5 Guarantee security of your Personal Data

Your personal Data is protected under the legitimate interest of Status TAG. You can object to any misbehavior that happened to you in the Application by reporting it or contacting us. Your security is our primary aim and will be conducted with a speedy response.

Status TAG will also analyze and process reports of fraudulent or undesirable behavior. Along with this, the Application will manage undesirable behavior and warn, deleting or block the users account. Please remember that the Application will also help manage requests to exercise users rights over their data. The Application will prevent and combat illegal or unauthorized activities, ensuring users trust and complying with legal requirements.

4.6 Providing users with help and technical support

Status TAG assures you to respond to the request for support submitted by you using the Application. This processing activity is based on Status TAG legitimate interest in ensuring that its users can use the Application in proper technical and operational conditions that also value their precious experience with it.

5. How do we delete your data?

There are three different conditions when Status TAG deletes the personal data of its user. These conditions and their ways are explained below:

If the user wants to delete a photo or post.

When the user tags any photo, it is automatically saved in two different galleries; one gallery is the users profile, and the other one is the tagged location or business outlet profile.

Any privacy applied while tagging a photo by the user is only applied to the users profile, not on the other location or business outlet profile. In this case, users can visit the location or business outlet profile to delete its specific post or photo from their own account. The user can view the photo in the location or business outlet profile and report to delete it instantly. Here the photo will only be visible in the users profile and to the chosen privacy settings of the post.

If the user wants to deactivate the account.

When any user is willing to deactivate the account for any reason, every Data related to the user will be disabled from the Application until the user decides to reactivate the account. After reactivating the account, the data will automatically be enabled in the Application.

If the user wants to delete the account.

When the user wants to delete the account for any reason, Status TAG will disable the user data within 24 hours of account deletion. And it will take 7 days to completely delete every Data of the user from its server, which cannot be retrieved.

Additional Information

If the user is willing to delete or deactivate the account, it is mandatory to first update the official email ID in the Application so that Status TAG is able to check the authenticity of this activity. After the user updates its email ID in its profile section, they can click here to fill the form related to any such activity.

6. How is Data shared?

Only certain Status TAG employees from customer service or authorized managers process users personal data for legal interrogation or enlisted business outlets.

Authenticated and reliable business outlets, which may access or process users personal data, in compliance with the privacy policy and ensuring the security and privacy of users personal data. These enlisted business outlets help us operate and provide a better experience via our exclusive features mentioned above.

In addition, at the request of state bodies, particularly the legal authorities, and to comply with any judicial or legal request, Status TAG may transmit its users personal data.

7. Contact

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or any other request concerning your personal data, you can contact us by emailing our contact email address