Creating a Safe and Inclusive Environment at Status TAG

At Status TAG, our primary goal is to cultivate a positive and enriching community for all our users. We understand the importance of maintaining a space that adds value to each individual while ensuring a sense of security and well-being. This commitment drives our efforts to keep our community free from any disruptive or harmful actions or events. To achieve this, our team of dedicated Moderators plays a pivotal role in ensuring the social impact of our TAGs remains positive.

Our Moderators: Guardians of the Community's Well-Being

Our Moderators at Status TAG are not just individuals; they are seasoned professionals equipped with the expertise to comprehensively evaluate and monitor the various actions and events unfolding on our platform. Their primary responsibility is to assess the social impact these occurrences may have on our diverse community of users.

Unbiased and Impartial Approach

Status TAG takes pride in maintaining a neutral and impartial stance when it comes to evaluating circumstances. Our Event Moderators are top-notch executives who scrutinize every situation without any bias towards political affiliations or ideologies. Their unwavering commitment lies in providing fair and promising judgments on the events and content that gain viral prominence on our platform.

Why Moderators Are Essential?

The essence of Status TAG lies in providing users with a platform where they can freely express themselves, ensuring their voices are heard. However, in the pursuit of this freedom, there may be instances where certain voices inadvertently bring discomfort to others or disrupt the peaceful and positive experience of fellow users. This is where our Moderators step in—to maintain the kindness and integrity of our community.

Analyzing Viral Events and Content

Viral content, though often appearing insignificant, can wield substantial influence over the mindset of users. These topics, as they scroll through our Timeline, may spark intense discussions and even controversy. To safeguard the best interests of our community, Moderators meticulously analyze the social impact of such viral content, assessing whether it aligns with human interests and community guidelines.

Protecting User Voices and Promoting Positive Engagement

Balancing the protection of user voices with the promotion of constructive discourse is paramount at Status TAG. Moderators not only scrutinize viral and reported events and content but also actively boost those that contribute positively to human interest and community growth. Conversely, any content found to be illegal, harmful, hateful, or provocative, which goes against our Community Guidelines or human interests, will be promptly removed from the platform, without requiring the consent of the respective user.

Types of Content and Events Reviewed

  • Defamation
  • Ponography/Nudity
  • Bully
  • Harassment
  • Trolling
  • Political Events
  • Violence
  • Unotherised Sales
  • Terrorism
  • Hate Speech
  • Suicide/ Self-Injury
  • False Information

At Status TAG, we believe that through this comprehensive approach to moderation, we can create an online space where individuals can thrive, engage positively, and contribute meaningfully to our dynamic community. We are committed to making your TAGs and their social impact truly kind and enriching for everyone.