Makes Your TAGs & their ‘Social Impact’ kind for the Status TAG Community.

Everyday, people make a TAG and explore the best of Status TAG with an assurity of positive community that adds value to each of us. Our endeavour is to keep this kind community far away from any event or actions that has otherwise consequences. Moderators at Status TAG are professionals with expertise in understanding and evaluating actions or events happening on the platform to further monitor its social impact on the community.

Event Moderators for Status TAG are top-notch executives having neutral perspectives to scrutinise any given circumstances without favouring Left Wing or Right Wing. Giving a promising judgment on events and content going viral on Status TAG would be their constant zeal.

Why Do We Have Moderators?

People on Status TAG enjoy the freedom of expression to ensure their voice is heard via our social media platform. Sometimes, some voices could bring discomfort to the peaceful and positive experience of other Users. Thus, Moderators come in to check on those voices inform of events and contents to ensure the Kindness is maintained.

Viral Events and Content can bring both positive and negative social impact on the User’s mindset. These viral content may seem a small action or interpretation but they end up creating a lot of havoc within people across the globe. Such viral topics scrolling on our Timeline needs to be analyzed by the Moderators to understand does it or does it not favour the human interest.

Protecting the voice of the Users is as important as helping boost up the right voice to help the community grow and glow together. Moderators will not only scrutinise the viral and reported events or content but also boost it up for more engagement if it is in favour of human interest. In case of any illegal, harmful, hateful or provocaking content is seen on the Timeline that does not go in favour of Community Guidelines or human interest will be immediately removed from the platform without any consent of the respectative user.

Which Type of Content or Event will be Reviewed?

  • Defamation
  • Ponography/Nudity
  • Bully
  • Harassment
  • Troll
  • Political Events
  • Violence
  • Unotherised Sales
  • Terrorism
  • Hate Speech
  • Suicide/ Self-Injury
  • False Information