Status TAG- The 'Beyond Belief' Approach

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You see 'Status TAG' today as a social media platform that provides you with several fascinating features. But how exactly the con cept behind this dynamic creation have clicked in the minds of the creators? 

The social media sector has been blooming at high speed in recent years, especially after digitalisation. There are various social media applications with unique ideas that might or might not be your favorite options when choosing social media. This is why most users prefer established social media applications rather than trying new ones. The user experience with established platforms have been continuously strengthening, and only a loophole could challenge this trend! 

Keeping the rigid user choice in mind, Status TAG has been developed with a 'Beyond Belief' approach! This approach has gathered many result-driven ideas that together form this tagging and networking platform, which benefits the market by ruling over the untapped social media sector. This untapped part of social media is the 'loophole for Status TAG's existence in the market! 

What do we mean by the 'Beyond Belief' Approach? 

Status TAG has been created on a TAGGING concept which makes it different from any social media platform. When we say 'Beyond Belief,' we mean every feature you see in the application will change the existing market trend and develop a better user experience. 

The TAGGING concept of Status TAG has been the reason behind creating several dynamic features that you see in the application. Moreover, every feature delivers a real user experience as per its claims. The revolutionary concept will entice the users with a whole new era of social media platforms, keeping the excitement alive for life! Status TAG is not only a platform that lets you share pretty or funny visual content but also gives you many things to cherish. 

Taking it back to the 'Beyond Belief' Approach, on Status TAG users will experience a new cluster of benefits just with TAGGING. The tags in Status TAG is unique because it is the only platform that will enable accurate taggings, i.e. correct coordinates. These accurate taggings will allow people to explore more and more features inside the app that will provide a better experience and benefit them in different ways! 

You might brainstorm why the creators only went for the concept of tagging to build the app? It is because they have seen the untapped benefits of tagging that will set new examples in the market. The current scenario intensifies the perks of tagging only towards the businesses. Still, Status TAG, on the other hand, found out ways of making the tagging concept beneficial for its users. 

Why is the concept of Status TAG unique?

The whole concept of tagging is inclined towards 'GEOTAGGING' in Status TAG, and to be honest, it is an existing concept for a while now! But when it is about geotagging in Status TAG, it definitely is unique. You will come across several facts via using the application about how the geotagging is different inside it! 

To sum it up in words for you, geotagging on any social media platform of India is not conceptually correct. If any user is tagging a location on the existing social media platforms, it is possible to tag the wrong landmarks. This slightly incorrect tagging could further disturb the core benefits of these tags both to the users and businesses. 

In Status TAG, the 'Beyond Belief' approach of accurate tagging will dismiss every hurdle that piles up because of wrong location taggings. Normal users usually do not get maximum benefit through geotagging according to the current market trends. Still, with Status TAG, the accurate coordinate taggings will benefit business owners and strengthen the user experience.

Status TAG's simple yet dynamic concept will create an environment to encourage real-world networking, thus making it a 'tagging and networking platform'. 

With the upcoming posts, you will get to know what new Status TAG brings to your life simply by its tagging concept. So, till then, stay tuned and keep 'TAGGING your moments' on Status TAG!