Why TAGGING Plays A Prodigious Role In Today’s Scenario?

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What do you exactly understand with the term ‘TAGGING’? Well, tags on social media platforms have always been in two different categories like the ‘Hashtags’ and the ‘At the Rate.’ 

Hashtags always represent different groups that are using the tags only for marketing purposes, while on the other hand, ‘At the rate’ is used to TAG a particular profile. However, we at Status TAG believe this is not entirely the idea of TAGGING, and we intend to thrive with a complete revolutionary tagging strategy that is exalting the benefits for both end-users and businesses!

Why are TAGs valuable in today’s scenario?

Digital marketing has been on hype lately, and the chances of offline marketing go down significantly after the pandemic. Apart from that, a magnificent digital marketing strategy could always bring in more business compared to offline strategies. 

When we focus on digital marketing for any business type, we talk about exceptional customer engagement with minimum expenditure. So here’s exactly when the TAGs and Boosting terms come into action.

Now every social media platform is heavily inclined towards the marketing of business via TAGGING. In contrast, Status TAG is willing to keep a perfect TAG benefit balance for both Users and Businesses. 

What makes Status TAG’s TAGGING different from other platforms’ TAGGING? 

Status TAG is a dynamic tagging and social networking platform created by many technical geeks with incredible experiences. Our platform surefire the balance between the end-users and businesses with its unique tagging features. 

Our dexterous IT Team has put up their best efforts to create this tagging platform with the caliber of challenging any existing tagging feature. The unprecedented and technically advanced features that users and businesses will explore in the application depend entirely on the TAGGING strategy. 

Status TAG is completely working on the ‘At the Rate’ Tags where users are actually tagging any location or business profile. TAGGING on our platform are steadfast toward ‘Correct Coordinates,’ which multiplies the value of each TAG made on Status TAG. 

There are several social media platforms, including the established ones using the TAGGING strategy on their respective platforms. But the only problem is that users often TAG wrong longitudes and latitudes, which eventually brings up false marketing!

On the other hand, we thrive with our brilliant database, which is loaded with exact locations, be it be any random location or business profile location. Status TAG will always provide the correct Longitudes and Latitudes to ensure that every TAG is WORTH IT.

Not to forget, unlike other social media platforms, the user of Status TAG should actually be at the exact location to Make a TAG. 

How is TAGGING beneficial for regular users on Status TAG?

As we had already stated, Status TAG keeps a perfect balance between the benefits of users and business. But, until now, you are aware of how our revolutionary tagging could benefit the business profiles on-boarded on Status TAG Wire. 

Here are some of the exciting perks that our users- TAG Mates, would unfold after signing up for Status TAG:

  • People Near You 

When the TAG Mates tag any usual location, they will see all the nearby Status TAG users within 5km. So now, tagging a location on Status TAG is accurate, which means that people showing in a 5km radius are actually present near you.

  • Places Near You 

A TAG Mate can always make a tag on any location, and after that, they will see all the nearby places listed on Status TAG Wire, a common marketplace for verified businesses. The users can then check the on-boarded and verified hangout zones like reputed cafes, clubs, pubs, restaurants and make their bookings. Not only this, after tagging any image at a location, users can also check the Wire section for nearby Co-Working Space. 

Status TAG is calling out loudly to all the fantastic TAG Mates globally! So Come and Explore the remarkable features just by scrolling the news feed. 

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