February 28, 2023

Fake Followers Alert! Here's What Brands Must Do.

The social media landscape is a glamorous culture where you can easily get lost or tricked in seconds. With the birth of established social media platforms, fake accounts are a thing that you can't stop even today! 

Anyone who wants to be a content creator or influencer is dying to have attention from brands that will bring a quick LimeLight in their career. A number of followers are how you invite a brand to notice you and collaborate for marketing. This hunger of any individual could easily cut them onto the fake follower glam. 

With advanced technology, it is much easier these days to show fake followers. So you as a brand must think it's easier to cut these cheap influences and find the right influencer for marketing. But it's not that easy when technology now allows influencers to have fake engagement on their post. Now you can't check each follower of your desirable influencer, can you? 

We believe it is not that easy to catch, so here's what brands must do to be aware of Fake Follower Alerts. 


Why do Influencers have fake followers? 

It may come as a surprise for many of you how this scam of fake followers was started at first. Rantic.com is a public website that was the first website that secretly sold fake followers and engagement via likes and views to some well-known public figures back in 2014. Since then, this great scam started to gain unprecedented reach to social media platforms that sil follow several rules to avoid these scammer accounts. 

But like we have already mentioned, advanced technology is still used to sell such services, which is difficult to recognize and avoid even by established social media platforms! 

Being popular takes a lot, but technologies and services like this are here to help influencers fake it until they make it to your influencer marketing agreement. Fake followers are the way of gaining popularity both among real followers as well as brands. With a wider and glamorous follower base, any individual would be the first choice for brands to kickstart their influencer marketing strategies. 

It's not just fake followers, but influencers these days could also have fake engagement rates with inactive accounts or bots. In addition, you shouldn't be astonished to know that such influencers could also have certain vendors to get instant followers and engagement rates for a couple of months just within an hour. These are not those influences that are believed to share your brand value and message with the target audience. 


How difficult is it to catch such fraud Influencers?

According to the data of a study conducted in 2021, many of the huge celebrity faces have been discovered, with 25% of fake followers on average. However, it is difficult for brands to analyze exactly which influencer is to be trusted with the branded content and marketing? 

With a special mention of influencer marketing taking a high-speed scale-up process, it is important to know that influencer marketing is very effective. Still, brands must know how effective a single influencer could be for them.  

The data also says that 55.39% of influences in each category are considered part of this fraud alert in their career. Therefore, it is always smart to have more influence to market your product or service rather than considering Mega influencers with a high risk of fraud followers. You can also click here to check how Nano and Micro-influencers could be a better choice for your influencer marketing! 


What should brands do to be aware of these fake followers' alerts? 

It is a universal truth that fake popularity is hard to be determined by brands who already have several hats to wear in a single day! This is where Impact One- A Loyalty-based Influencer Company can help you save your brand value but might just be diluted in the market with fake followers, of course! 

We have a dedicated team that verifies each influencer profile before onboarding it to our automated influencer marketing platform, where brands like you can collaborate with verified influencers and market their product or service more safely and cost-effectively. Impact One is also running an influencer engagement program that allows our talented iO Influencers of every category and industry to brand your product for free.* Want to learn more about it? Just click here.